The main criteria for companies wishing to become full Members is by making an ongoing commitment towards the development of their staff, including regular labour-only sub-contract personnel; the development of a Skills & Training Plan is a key influencing factor in all of this (please refer the News section article on this). The recruitment of a New Entrant Trainee, the upskilling of their existing workforce (attainment of a CSCS Card) or the offer of work experience to school, college or university students, could also be a feature. Further demonstration of this commitment is by the payment of an annual membership fee of £200.00 + VAT (payable on 1 January each year)

The Group welcomes applications from Construction companies for full membership and active participation. Allied trades are also very welcome, as long as 75% is representative of the main construction trades; unfortunately, CITB Grant would not apply, although the Group’s own Special Projects Fund would. In order to apply, please contact us via our Enquiry Service or download the Application Form and forward it accordingly.

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Membership Criteria

As a consequence of the 2013 AGM, the Management Committee met to discuss the issues raised surrounding membership and the attendance at General Meetings. With the industry as dynamic as it is, this has to be the subject of ongoing debate. The Group remains especially anxious to fulfil its obligations to its Members, but can only achieve this by guidance and input from all parties at forums such as this. Furthermore, the communication of important information is vital to the ongoing success of the Group’s affairs, especially as it now enjoys full independent status. Resulting from the various discussions over recent years, the following has been tabled as purely a recommendation for due consideration:

All Members shall commit to attending at least two General Meetings throughout a single calendar year (the Membership Year). Failure to do so could mean that the Company will be precluded from accessing significant training grant subsidies currently facilitated by the Group (where they apply), and on behalf of the CITB.

For those companies who do not feature as an In-scope CITB organisation, such initiatives will be subsidised to the level of 50% of the invoiced net cost (ex VAT), including Tutor time, testing and Certification etc. The rationale being that the CITB is not able to support out-of-scope, non-Levy-paying organisation, although special circumstances can apply during the early stages of registration.

In addition, Members who keenly demonstrate a further commitment by attending more than the two General Meetings during the calendar year, can expect to gain benefit from an enhancement on the existing subsidies, which now appear to be regularly available each year by virtue of the Skills & Training Fund initiative; the level of funding is determined by the headcount of the business. As previously mentioned, there is also the Group’s Special Projects Fund, emanating from its own resources, aimed at the non-construction specific activities e.g. IT, First Aid, HR, generic Management Development etc. These monies will be sourced directly from the Group based on the merit of each business case and judged accordingly.

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