The Group operates under the direction of an Industry based Chairman, who is appointed by the membership to serve for a minimum of a one-year period. It has acquired the services of its own dedicated business focused Training Officer, who is responsible to all Member companies for Construction/Management specific learning and development advice, sourcing, and including exploring of relevant funding support.

Succession is crucial to its success; therefore the Executive team further comprises an elected Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Junior Vice Chairman and the Group Training Officer.

The current team is represented by:
Duncan Armstrong (Chairman) – Fergal Contracting Company Limited, Standlake
Bryan Gelder (Vice Chairman) – Gelder Joinery Limited, Kidlington
Hatti Tweedle (Junior Vice Chairman) – Maylarch Environmental Limited, Eynsham
John Roper (Treasurer) – The OCTG, Weston on the Green
Paul Ravenhill (former Chairman) – S Hutchins & Green Limited, Oxford
David Holbrook (Group Training Officer) – The OCTG, Basingstoke

Each Member organisation elects to nominate its own representative, who is charged with attending meetings, usually supported by the coordination of all staff development affairs. This does not necessarily need to be a senior Manager, although the representative should be in a position to be able to distribute and direct relevant information throughout the business, and seek relevant feedback.

Member representatives are invited to meetings at least three times a year, including the Annual General Meeting (usually mid-April) – September and December respectively. In addition, Extraordinary Meetings will always be convened when an urgent need arises. In order to add even further value to the process, topical guest/advocate speakers are also invited to make presentations on their specialist subject e.g. Financial Planning, Employment Law, Urban Planning, technical innovations, Contract Law, Health & Safety Inspectorate, CITB Grant and forthcoming initiatives etc. Members are also invited to showcase their business and promote their services where necessary. Networking has always been a positive underlying theme of how the Group operates and promotes itself. There are many fine examples of collaborative projects, where a mixture of skills and knowledge benefit the end client, whether it be of a commercial or domestic nature.