Overview of Services Offered

In addition to the provision of confidential advice on all staff development issues via the Group Training Officer, The Group remains anxious to confidently offer the following services and breadth of support to whatever size of organisation:

Advice and guidance on Apprenticeships

Facilitating the processes of selection, management of college and site programmes, together with third party input on progress reviews. Trainees also include trade operatives and craft technicians, together with the supporting of professional students and graduates.

Advice and guidance on Adult Up-Skilling

This includes company/site visits with staff and the review of individual appraisals, making recommendations in line with individually assigned KPIs and the alignment of business objectives, therefore strengthening the process of tangible evaluation.

Staff development workshops and seminars

The identification and marketing of development specific programmes, including the monitoring/evaluation of effectiveness of the resultant programme delivery, at preferential rates. These are normally delivered by preferred specialist providers who hold the appropriate industry accreditations, along with featuring on the CITB’s Approved Training Organisation (ATO) national listing (www.citb.co.uk/standards-and-delivering-training/approved-training-organisations/).

Training resources and advisory information

To make available reference material, manuals, CITB online packages etc., in general construction and all Health & Safety at Work matters. Details regarding Short Duration Grant returns for all Levy-paying organisations may be accessed via this GET Code listing: www.citb.co.uk/documents/grants/short_duration_course_titles_grant_codes.pdf

Online versions are now more readily available from a variety of fully accredited suppliers nationwide.

Other Grant availability, particularly in relation to qualification Achievement can be found at: www.citb.co.uk/levy-grants-and-funding/grants-funding/qualification-grants/, and the CITB’s site generally.

Management advice

Frequently meet with company Directors and Managers, in order to present, discuss and advise on all HR, recruitment, employment and staff development issues, in order to assist in the achievement defined business goals, targets and Training Plans.