Aims & Mission Statement

"Satisfying local skill and Apprenticeship needs, leading to greater prosperity for our Members"

Although our Members' needs will always be the priority, all Independent Training Groups are set a range of industry related Targets each year. These are agreed at the beginning of January, focusing on apprenticeships, workforce development, coupled with the administrative and managerial aspects. Each is then monitored and measured on a quarterly basis, thus enabling the accessing of significant pre-determined funding, which is designed to provide the much-needed working capital to allow the Group to function. The previous year's performance acts as a benchmark for the subsequent years. These Targets are reflected as follows and the outcomes will be posted at the end of each Quarter.

Quarterly Targets

As Work Experience, leading to Apprenticeships, is a declared Target, if you are interested in learning more about the options, Grants and subsidies available, then please follow this link: