The Group operates under the direction of an Industry based Chairman who is appointed by the Members to serve for a one-year period. The Group has acquired the services of its own dedicated Training Officer, who is responsible to all Member companies for Construction/Management specific learning and development advice.

The Group’s Executive team further consists of an elected Vice Chairman, Treasurer & Junior Vice Chairman.

Each Member company chooses to nominate their own representative, who will attend meetings and who would normally coordinate the staff development needs within the organisation. This does not need to be a senior manager, although the representative should be in a position to be able to distribute/direct relevant information throughout the business as a whole.

Group Member representatives are invited to meetings at least four times per year, plus the Annual General Meeting. In addition, extraordinary meetings are convened when the need arises. In order to add further value to the process, suitable guest speakers are also invited to make presentations on their specialist subject.